Neon Signs and Animated Lighted Panels

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These products have been found in the USA and can be purchased by mail directly from the manufacturer or on eBay sites for example. Better than a long speech, we invite you to go to the manufacturer’s website, all references are presented with their bright animation.

The catalogue mainly proposes:

  • Neon signs (to be positioned on buildings for example)
  • Advertising lighted panels

Following our experience, we can add the following comments:

  • The signs are very easy to install because the thickness of the sign is about 0.2 mm. The thickness of the advertising panels is the same, but it is necessary to add the thickness of a support, if any.
  • Note that each sign is animated only on one side. If you want to have a sign that lights up on both sides, you have to put aRight sign + a Left sign, back to back.
  • The rates are very attractive. It is possible to find a complete sign with animation box and power supply from 20 euros.
  • Few references are adapted to the N scale, but some are very acceptable (those qualified as “small”). Modellers wishing to refer to the HO scale will be happier.
  • 46 different possibilities of lights are programmable for each sign (a small push-button to change the animation). Everyone can find the animation he wishes.
  • The kit “Wire Experimenter’s” reference 2503 makes it possible to realize animations imitation of neon tubes that one can curve at will. However, there are now very realistic wires that mimic neon tubes and easier to use. They are described in the blog “Neon tubes and custom illuminated signs”.
  • The kit 2502 (and 2501) is more difficult to implement if you want to do an animation with 6 different animated zones. On the other hand, to produce single-coloured luminous panels, the products described in the blog “Neon tubes and tailor-made signs” are easier to use.

Web site of the manufacturer: (mainly the chapters Multigraphics, Billboards, Animated signs, Experimenter Kits”). You will find a form for direct order and the e-mail address of the company as well as videos of all billboards and signs with their lighted animation.

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