Figures manufactured in Asia

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Sets of figures are available on E.Bay at different scales from 1:25 to 1: 200. It’s possible to purchase sets of 100 to 1000 or more figures. For example, a set of 500 painted figures (N scale) cost about 10 € (HO scale: 15 €). They are a little cheaper unpainted, but the paint job could be hard to do. Attention, the finish of the painted characters has nothing to do with those of Preiser or others manufacturers known in Europe. These characters are not (or little) burred, the painting is loud. For figures installed at the foreground, a deburring and painting work is compulsory.

Without finish or with a minimal finish, the figures can travel by train or car. There are sets of all sitted figures. It is necessary to use, for the HO scale, figures scale 1/100 and for the N scale, figures scale 1/200. You can stick them on the seats without cutting the legs.

The pictures show these figures without any paint rework in the WR Mistral of LS- Models (HO scale).

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