“N” Variable elongation couplers by Micro-Ace

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Micro-Ace is a Japanese manufacturer we have never found in France. The couplers are sold under 4 references (2 types of couplings-see photos- and 2 colours, black or grey). Each set contains 6 couplers. We found a very interesting interest in using these couplings: very discreet, allowing the circulation with buffers or touching bellows. Their price is quite affordable # 1-euro ea.

However, we allow ourselves to give some advice and the limit to their use :

  • It will be easier to install and fit the couplers at the right height if all wagon or carriages are identical However we have succefully mixed Ibertren and Fleischmann carriages.
  • mount them only on the wagons under which they can be fitted without hassle.
  • There is no need to modify wagons equipped with original elongated couplings.
  • not to envisage the obvious possibility of automatic uncoupling during a manoeuvre for example.

It only takes a few minutes to modify a wagon. We have modified the following waggons without any problem:

  • Autotransporter LIMA
  • DB Eurocity (Ibertren + Fleischmann)
  • Intercity HST 125 Graham Farish

The original hitch must first be removed and the chassis must be carefully trimmed to ensure proper positioning of the new hitch. Be carefull when sticking the new coupling. The pivoting system of the coupling must not be blocked.

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